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Springs Rains Help Texas Free Range Whitetail for 2015 Hunting Season

The weather in Texas has been unbelievable this Spring. After years of drought conditions, the Lone Star State is finally getting much needed rainfall. With the increased amount of rain we've had lately, Double T Outfitters is anticipating an amazing deer season for 2015! Why, exactly, would we be so excited for the rain? Continue reading and we'll explain just how Spring rain will help our Texas Free Range Whitetail for the 2015 hunting season. 

Simply put, deer with better body conditions are deer that are more productive. If a whitetail deer habitat is prosperous, then the whitetail deer will be healthier. Even if a ranch offers great habitat, the weather conditions can directly impact plant life on a property. Rain help plants grow strong. More nutritious plants help deer grow strong. 

Some years Mother Nature doesn't offer perfect conditions, so now a days many ranches will offer supplement food to help fill in gaps for nutrients that cannot be as readily found, especially through the hot Texas summer. This herd management will help the deer even when there are less than ideal conditions (such as drought) for plant growth.

According to a study from the Wildlife Institute a Texas A&M Kingsville, rainfall can affect the antler size in deer by up to 70% from year to year specifically in South Texas. The study found a high correlation between rains from March through May and the size of antlers that following deer season. On years with more Spring rains, the South Texas buck horn growth was  greater. Rain during the Spring months is particularly important because those plants will be stronger, more abundant, and provide more nutrition through the long, dry Summer months. The study observed that rain in this time frame exclusively accounted for a difference in as much as 20 inches in gross B&C scores.  

Most of Texas has experienced an huge amount of rain this Spring. Just three months ago, 61% of the state was experiencing dry conditions. Currently, only 9% is still affected. In May alone, the Del Rio area received nearly 9 inches of rain, which is over 3 times the average monthly amount.  This is the wettest Spring we've had in years and years, so Double T is very excited to see the impact all this Spring rain has on our Texas Free Range Whitetail for this 2015 hunting season! 

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